At App Trend, we create innovative and reliable solutions. We are convinced that in the IT services business these two elements must be constantly developed to meet the expectations of customers.

We owe progress to people who do not accept the reality around them and have a great desire to change the surrounding world for better, make life easier and more interesting. This idea inspired us to establish App Trend (Application Trend), a company that brings together a number of people from the scientific society of leading universities in Poland, as well as a group of experts in information technology, physics, accounting and finance.
App Trend is a collaboration platform based on which innovative and reliable solutions tailored to a specific customer are developed. Business solutions are aimed at improving the communication process, creating organizational and technical capabilities enabling the client to achieve competitive advantage by reducing costs, increasing sales efficiency and ensuring more efficient information management.
The strength of App Trend is its willingness to take up difficult challenges requiring the use of advanced information technologies, as well as a non-standard and modern approach to the problem to be solved. It is our desire to create reliable and innovative software that can enable to achieve joint success.